Cancer treatment is a long-time process that is not only confined in hospitals and clinics. In the past few years, a trend to patient-centric frameworks

Insights from the Faculty of Future Health

Faculty of Future Health Technology has expanded so much in the past decade. It is an integral part of everyday life, and society couldn’t function

Interview with Christophe Jauquet

It was a pleasure to interview Christophe Jauquet, Healthcare & self-care Trendwatcher, Health Marketeer, book author of “Healthusiasm – making customers healthy & happy”!

PIPHealth: Giving patients a voice through research

The Netherlands-born Nadine van Dongen started her company, Patient Intelligence Panel (PIPHealth), in 2008. She has a background in the pharmaceutical industry, working in the

Insights from a venture capitalist investor

Florian Ludwig is an investment manager with Thuja, a venture capital firm that invests in healthcare products addressing unmet clinical needs. Equipped with a physics

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