Tech for Health

VR Marketing for Healthcare

Tell you what! Virtual Reality is not only your Teenager’s Dream gadget, it really has the power to transform and redefine existing fields of Knowledge.

AI Healthcare, the future of health

With Black mirror release, we have all been imagining scenarios in which Artificial Intelligence can influence our lives. And so do the pharmaceuticals. But unlike

Zoom on AI: Chatbots

You might not be familiar with the term Chatbots, but you must have known the legendary Siri, Alexa and Cortana. Chatbots Healthcare | They are

E-sampling – Healthcare system technology

Innovation has always been a necessary tool for companies to be at the forefront of this continuously evolving market. And that’s valid for pharmaceutical companies

Blockchain for Healthcare

Blockchain Blockchain | If you are connected with banking, investing, or digital cash in the latest ten years, you may be aware of “blockchain,” the

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