Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud computing is an innovative system that aids the delivery of digital services over the internet. It allows its user access to servers, database, infrastructure,

COVID-19: A Year Later

From Learning to Action It has been a long ride from the beginning of the pandemic to the current state of the world. Although 2020

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual reality is becoming a huge part of healthcare as this awesome technology is now being incorporated into the medical world. Virtual reality, also known

Omnichannel Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry has taken a digital approach, gradually shifting from a sales model led by a representative to a more different tactic. Healthcare marketers

SEO updates and its consequences

SEO is a major part of marketing in the age of digital technology. Many industries have started to shift attention away from traditional marketing means

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

A large majority of marketing takes place online these days which means you will meet more than half of your customers on the internet. Marketing

Healthcare Marketing and Keywords

Healthcare marketing has been evolving for a long time, although it has been quite slow the scenery keeps changing. The healthcare marketing evolutionary process has

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