Video Marketing in Healthcare

Video marketing is a major part of marketing that most healthcare companies ignore. It has such an important role to play in the sales conversion

Location-Based Marketing

As technology continues to advance, marketing strategies are also adjusting to make the most of these technological advancements. Marketers have continued to explore new ways

Revolutionizing Drug Development

Drug development includes a wide span of stages from the discovery to the approval and marketing not forgetting the clinical trials. It is a very

How Chatbots can Benefit Pharma

Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies are constantly looking for ways to improve customer service and change patient’s lives. To achieve this goal, pharma is taking

Neuromarketing in Pharma

For pharmaceutical companies to make the most of the sales market and get their products out there, they have to make use of all the

Medical Data Breach

In the ever-growing world of technological advancements, there is so much that can be done with data. With each day that passes, healthcare is moving

Individualized Healthcare

Medicine and healthcare have always been a paternalistic relationship between the doctor and the patient over the past decades. Such that patients are treated like

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