Doctor’s favorite information tools

We all know it: we are in the middle of a digital era. Every industry field is proceeding with a digitalization. Pharmaceutical field won’t escape

E-Prescriptions | Technology for doctors

Technology for doctors | Doesn’t it frustrate you when you see your physician still relying on the old-fashioned ways when the whole world is shifted

Social Media for Healthcare: A good strategy?

Social Media Healthcare | Living in the era when people spend the majority of their time browsing social media completely unaware of their whereabouts. Wouldn’t

Nurofen France – online campaign

It’s amazing what modern technologies can do for a human. However, there are some negative aspects in making solar energy so popular among other tools designed for ecology safety measures.


Johnson & Johnson Brand Awareness movie

This upcoming year gives us plenty “delicious” ideas of which gadgets to purchase and the gear that is worth our attention for engineering projects. Stay tuned for more reviews and get ready for tech news!

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