Promising Treatments Launched to fight Coronavirus

Promising treatments I Many doctors and researchers are working hard in their labs to create a working solution against coronavirus. Many believe that the treatment used for malaria, pneumonia, AIDS can be helpful for this issue. How far are these treatments useful? Let’s find out.┬á

A global trial called SOLIDARITY was held by the World Health Organization to have a demo of these treatments. Few medicines that claimed to work are malaria medications, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, ritonavir, and a combo of HIV drugs. After getting results on a Covid-19 patient, it was found that the HIV combination did not stand up to the mark. It was only in China for whom WHO believed in holding a considerable trial where a large number of patients can be tested.

The transnational research institute has decided to take a trial in Europe, which will include 3200 patients following WHO’s example. The drugs used were the same as that of WHO’s suggestion. As a result, they may find out a group of drugs that are most likely to work. 

SOLIDARITY treatments with possible positive results

Remdesivir I Promising treatment

Gilead initially made these compounds to treat Ebola and other related viruses. It works by suppressing viral replication. It initially showed no effect for the ebola outbreak, but it is believed to work for inhibiting coronavirus. A Covid-19 patient was given this treatment in the United States, and he gradually improved his condition on the next day. However, just one recovery does not show the usefulness of these drugs, but it has proven some potential in bringing the improvement.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine I Promising treatments

By the positive reports of the WHO, this duo received some attention throughout the world. Some of the studies and articles have shown that it can be beneficial in treating the virus against SARS-COV-2. France even told through a published report that they treated many patients using these particular drugs. However, they cannot be used alone as they can do more harm than good. They have various side effects, and it is not a sure remedy for Covid-19 until now.

Ritonavir/lopinavir I Promising treatments

It is a renowned medicine used for the treatment of HIV. It was also in demand for inhibiting coronavirus. It has shown efficiency in treating SARS and MERS patients. However, we cannot say anything about Covid-19. There is no definite record of this drug as when it was tested on patients; they were already critical. 

Ritonavir/lopinavir plus interferon beta I Promising treatments

Saudi Arabia was the first to hold trial using these drugs. It was effective in treating MERS disease. It is, however, risky to treat covid 19 patients using this as if it is given to the critical patients, the situations can get much worse. Its real effect will be known when it is given to the right patient at the initial stage.

However, the design planning of treatment series in SOLIDARITY is variable. We can soon hope to see positive news regarding effective medicines.

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