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Tess Korthout, business developer at The Hyve, started with forensic science as her bachelor’s degree, completed a master’s in bioinformatics and systems biology and also got a degree in oncology.

The Hyve

She was hired by The Hyve to function as a link between academia and the company. Her role involves working on the academic projects The Hyve does, understanding the market and also understanding how the company could help the academic market even more.

The Hyve is essentially a company that empowers scientists by providing professional IT services. You can visit their website to know more: !

It is an I.T company with a very special mission and a vision. They support the open source software community and believe that scientists should not have to pay for licenses of software. The company also believes in the potential of open source communities to work and really thrive.

According to Korthout, The Hyve basically offers help to researchers with installing open-source, offers solutions and explains said solutions.  The company has lots of software developers in-house so they actually are able to build additional features. Korthout discloses that The Hyve is a very young company. It was founded seven years ago and is full of so many people with an academic background also. So far, The Hyve has worked and works with large academic hospitals, research institutes, Healthcare institutions and top10 pharma.

From Korthout’s perspective, digital transformation is really one of the most important things for health care right now and should be a top priority for every institute. She asserts that she’s very interested to see all the opportunities in A.I and all the remote monitoring systems that are starting to thrive. She is working with and under The Hyve to emphasise the importance of making sure that medical data is machine readable and that proper method data is inputted. She is also working on ensuring the data is stored in a safe format that is still readable in 10 years.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the health industry

Korthout believes the impact of covid on the health industry will definitely speed things up in terms of funding from the government towards really translational research. She also thinks it will adjust the regulations in a way that would make it easier to get a drug FDA/EMA approved and other such things. In addition, she has noticed a lot of people are becoming curious about biology and she hopes this will translate to more people going to medical school to become nurses and doctors.

Regarding potential trends in pharma and health for the coming years, Korthout is optimistic about data improvement. She is of the opinion that there will be higher throughput. These high throughput screening will help in testing significantly more combinations in a faster way. She also hopes to see more personalised and preventive medicine trends.

On its end, The Hyve has several objectives for the coming years. According to Korthout, the company intends to increase their products base, bring more attention to their open source software, the community and the tools that they empower to ensure the growth of the community. 

Tess Korthout

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