Millennials Healthcare | Case-study Allergan Juvederm: how to target millennials

Millennials Healthcare | Millennials are the largest population of humans on earth and with their redefined values and unique interests, it is hard to get and retain their attention, which is very important for Advertising a brand, especially the Pharmaceutical one.

Considering this factor, one has to commend the exquisite strategy by Allergen’s Juvéderm campaign for the company’s popular Juvéderm dermal filler, a product traditionally used for cosmetic alterations.

The campaign specifically addresses the millennial preference of using cosmetic filler either without, or before, injecting Botox specifically to the lips. You can find the campaign video here. This campaign incorporated all major elements of inviting millennial attention whether it was redefining beauty and confidence for women, appealing to their values, being social media friendly or selling the purpose not the product, the campaign had it all.

The trend exclusively brought large attention to their campaign paving a new way for other companies to attend to the needs of the millennial healthcare market in the pharmaceutical industry.

But what strategic points should be used in their Millennial-oriented Campaign that are worth analysing?

Firstly, the advertisement appeals to millennial values of empowerment especially in women, to own their look by being confident and beautiful and ask for it from JUVÉDERM. Secondly, social-media Badge of Acceptance, the campaign is indeed on the paper and TV, but the fact that makes it more trustworthy to the millennials is the optimization of it on Social media, the short, captioned the video that nailed the first ten seconds of content with refreshed talent, imagery and edgy soundtrack hooked the viewer by keeping it brief and correctly assuming that Millennials are not waiting around to watch long videos.

Allergen also considered individual uniqueness (quite popular in millennials) by offering a complete range of dermal fillers specifically designed for different patient needs rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach hence, giving them personalized attention that millennial demographic longs for and making the audience their star.

Although the factors of the campaign being flashy and appealing are checked by detailed description of the treatment conditions, Transparency was also seen to a great extent which is extremely valued by Millennials in general.

Millennials Healthcare

All in all, Allergan’s marketing strategy to exclusively target millennials was indeed helpful in increasing their sales and could be used by other companies in the Pharmaceutical industry to efficiently campaign their innovative and meaningful treatments for millennial consumers.

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