Facebook advertising for healthcare: a good tool?

Facebook, a name we are all well familiar with. But there is a lot more to it than the DIY videos, ‘experts’ opinions and check-ins.

Facebook advertising | The immense popularity of Facebook among people of all ages, color and profession has opened a new gateway to the advertisement. Gone are the days when the only mediums for advertisement were paper and TV.

However, the healthcare advertisers seem a bit reluctant in opting for this change. The reason might be the EMA restrictions or the difficult experience of a few early adopters. But since then, Facebook is trying scrupulously to make this platform more EMA friendly for the healthcare advertisements. And the addition of custom features is, in fact, a huge step forward.

But why Facebook is being trending for healthcare?

First of all, Facebook has billions of active users among which 70 million are the ones in active health community groups- our prime audience. Moreover, the increasing trend of patients, as well as healthcare providers consulting their smartphones, is making these ads hit right where it needs.

But the growing demand for Facebook ads is encompassed in the advantages it provides to the advertisers. All thanks to its interest’s targeting capability. It collects the data about the users’ interests through their posts, comments, engagement on the site and provides a framework to the advertisers. Through which these marketers achieve their aim.
The prime of which is the flexibility of choosing your targeted audience. And the ability to precisely gauge the results of a certain campaign. That can further extend to generate brand lift and awareness, along with escalated followers and their engagement.

Facebook advertising for healthcare

Healthcare companies are providing information to the audience through their FB pages, groups and newsfeed ads. This includes TYMOLAS that is running a Facebook-based awareness campaign to empower, educate and inform women of 50+ age group of post-menopausal osteoporosis. Since the launch of Facebook Page, and through their newsfeed ads and regular posts, TYMOLAS has been successful in assisting 20,182 users about the topic. Another example is the VAYA Pharma, which used Facebook targeting capability for marketing Vayarin, a “medical food” for ADHD children.

Owing to the Facebook rising interest of gathering healthcare advertisers, this platform is introducing multiple instructions-centered initiatives including Health Summit 2017 and healthcare marketing Facebook page. But the new advertisers are still facing difficulties in getting approval for FB advertisements as the instructions on the matter is still unclear.

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