Personalized Medicine

You might have seen people- or yourself- who has allergy reactions to pollens, nuts, latex and even antibiotics. But isn’t this last entry often prescribed by our physicians? Probably because a broad population average is not allergic to it. But only a few are. And to figure out those a few, this approach of personalized medicine is being adopted worldwide for customized health care. After all, antibiotics aren’t the only drugs in this category. Actually, Personalized medicine is the process to alter the medical treatment based on the unique biological profile of the patients. The profile is composed of the factors like age, gender, diet, environment, earlier medical history and stuff. The idea is to present genomic draft to the physicians to prescribe more efficient drug therapies with minimum side effects to promote wellness. But what is the need for personalized medicine? Humans are unique. This phrase is not just true in the sense of their capabilities, emotions and psychology. But concerning their biology too. And when we say biology, we mean their unique molecular and genetic profile. The medical research has shown that how differently individuals retaliate to diseases as well as their treatments. And this finding just nullifies the earlier idea of medicinal treatment that was based on ‘one size fits all’ ideology. Earlier, the focus of medical practice was based on reactive treatment instead of prevention. And the sole reason was the inability to understand the complex nature of genetics and the cause of disease. But the invention of individualized medicine provides deep insight into the genomic understanding of the patient as well as the disease. Thus, has paved our path towards better clinical therapies by eliminating hit and trial methods. The adoption of this technology in the market has actually resulted in the partnership of two entirely separate organizations, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. And that’s how Roche and Janssen has practically implemented this individualized medicine concept. While many of its rivals are still unclear about the execution of this unique concept. Moreover, another name, Mayo Hospital right in the heart of Arizona is also successfully caring out this practice for years now. As you can notice a lot of names in the pharmaceutical industry are coping up with the change of medicine practice as it aims to deliver better diagnostic and more efficient drug therapies.  It’s time for you to adopt this change as well for bringing a better solution to mankind’s years-long battle of curing fatal diseases.

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