Case-study advertising | GSK Hepatitis B awareness

Case-study advertising | The Future of Pharma team made an infographics only for you, dear subscriber, explaining the project of GSK about Hepatitis B awareness. An entire website dedicated to the prevention of this disease to avoid every risk that could happen for travellers. 

How GSK succeeded to spread awareness on Hepatitis B? 

They developed a very easy to use website that indicates the risk that users may encounter if they go abroad. The friendly design of the website makes it easier for patients to find the information they need: thanks to signages and icons, all the recommendations that travellers need to take into account are communicated in a very efficient way.

What were the results of this campaign? Well, they had over 20K visits on the website per month at launch, so it is a very promising result.

Awareness and prevention are really needed and it is important that this kind of campaigns come from pharmaceutical laboratories: on one hand, an informative message is spread to give more knowledge about the disease, and on another hand, solutions are offered and explained to the patient. It’s basically hitting 2 birds with the same stone! 

Case-study advertising

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