Cancer treatments on post-COVID-19 Pharma industry

Cancer treatments I The Covid-19 has encouraged a lot of companies and organizations this year to collaborate in order to find a vaccine. 

Where Covid-19 is highly concerned, there are other diseases that could benefit a lot from this changing paradigm of collaboration and partnerships in the Pharmaceutical industry for finding medical solutions. 

One of those areas being Cancer treatment. The views of Carrie Adams, the Chief Executive of the Union for International Cancer Control at Eye For Pharma Virtual (Barcelona) add a little insight into how the future will change for this field.

The collaborations and partnerships to develop the vaccine are phenomenal where the medical and professional expertise of several companies are aligning and working together to fight this disease. It would be great for other diseases too if the trend persists in the industry. Because this is bigger than one single organization, it’s about the patients. The cancer patients are, however, adjusted well into this new paradigm but the same level of collaboration, if done, for cancer treatment would change the future of cancer and other diseases.

Firstly, the socialization and collaboration right now need to sustain permanently in the industry instead of being just a temporary fling. Secondly, the win-win opportunity should be there for the Pharmaceuticals that collaborated to create the vaccine. Then, if they create a vaccine timely and deliver it to appropriate volumes to the people, this would inspire other companies to collaborate on other projects. This, in general, inspires the collaboration and partnerships trend within the industry and encourage more companies to opt for it. 
Moreover, once the industry adapts the collaborative network, there are always more opportunities to collaborate across sectors to address not just the cancer-treatment of patients, but also addressing risk factors and early detection of cancers. 

Furthermore, funding is a major factor. Although the challenge faced in cancer can be solved by much of the knowledge, the drugs, the treatment that we have available today but the money factors play a significant role in the working of Cancer treatments. This is likely to change with the current situation.
Another problem we face as a community is not only the investment in new drugs but actually giving access to the existing knowledge, technology, and drugs to the populations that need it the most. Because some even don’t have access to the most generic drugs and treatment. This crisis is also likely to make the health care systems more resilient and uncut common investment opportunities for civil society, the private sector, and governments in the future. This will create Healthcare with a referral system based on pathology competency within the country to deliver it to the right person at the right time. 

The aim should be to make sophisticated treatments more mainstream, to assist the developing countries to adapt to that level of sophistication using technology. For the public, private, and civil society working together to raise the bar for the Health systems. This will eventually change the way in which patients are identified, treated, recovered thanks to Cancer treatments and Health systems in general. 

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