Marketing Automation in Healthcare

Although the healthcare industry is years behind other industries when it comes to technological advancement and innovations, it is still constantly looking for ways to improve customer services and experience. Market Automation is that part of marketing that, if merged into healthcare properly, can help to improve patient’s services. There are so many benefits to using market automation for the improvement of healthcare. It could help in the personalization of patient communication with health brands and also improving engagements. It could also help to push consistency and timing in efforts to reach out to customers through emails and text.

What is Market Automation? 

Market automation is the use of artificial intelligence or automation software to communicate with patients in a more personalized way by understanding a set of predetermined behaviours. It is used to reply to chats or questions by patients and makes use of communication strategies. It helps to reduce the stress of having to answer repetitive questions, and also reduces the time of reply.  

Although Market Automation cannot replace professional HCPs, it can greatly help to make the job a little easier. It will help to lighten the workload caused by repetitive marketing, social media marketing, emailing, and other rigorous tasks.

Below are some of the reasons and usefulness of Market Automation in Healthcare:

  • It Will Help to Increase Appointments: 

Research shows that market automation helps to increase the rate of appointments. With the effective use of market automation in communication with patients, there could be a significant rise in the rate of appointment conversions. This could be done by constant follow-up through automated messages, and automated sending of location for appointments, and then constant reminders. This will help the patient feel more comfortable coming in for an appointment.

  • It Helps for More Effective Messaging: 

Another benefit of using market automation is the fact that it allows you to communicate effectively by sending the right messages at the right time to the right person. You don’t have to send a large number of identical bulk emails to a lot of patients hoping to hit the right one. Making use of the right automation tool will allow you to send patient-specific messages based on a patient’s history or preference in a properly timed sequence.

  • It Helps to Build an Emotional Connection:

This is an important part of healthcare marketing. It is what drives most marketing strategies to be successful. Being able to establish an emotional connection with a patient or customer makes them comfortable with your brand. 

This can also be achieved through effective automation. It can help to nurture a relationship and build it to the point where trust is established. This can be done through relevant and well-timed automated messages to give fast, consistent and effective replies.

  • It Can be Used in Patient Education:

Automation can be used to prepare and educate patients on different procedures. This could help to enhance their healthcare experience. 

For instance, automated messages could be sent to a patient at time intervals before they begin a procedure, and then follow-up messages could then be sent to them to after a treatment to see how well they are recovering. These messages could include prescriptions, recovery tips, and even checkup dates.

In this age of personalized healthcare, market automation is one of the keys to achieving this dream and improving the healthcare experience for both patients and HCPs alike.

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