Social Media for Healthcare: A good strategy?

Social Media Healthcare | Living in the era when people spend the majority of their time browsing social media completely unaware of their whereabouts. Wouldn’t that make these sites the new market then?

Obliviously yes! But when it comes to Healthcare, would it be a great idea to discuss prescriptions in an uncontrollable environment? Now, that’s inconclusive. And that’s why we are here for.

Owing to the EMA restrictions, the pharma companies have implemented their marketing campaigns on social media that can be sectionalized in four different fragments named Corporate Social Profiles, Careers, OTC Brand Profiles and Branded Community Property.

Among which the companies have observed the Corporate Profiles to be the most engaging segment for the audience, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, followed by Careers and Branded Profiles, respectively. While the OTC brand profile couldn’t make a notable mark.

What trends are being followed for social media healthcare content?

Users spontaneously consult their phones for a query, information and guidance for a brief ‘micro-moment’. But these micro-moments serve as the deciding factor for their so many decisions. Making it the perfect target for the marketers. However, the content is supposed to provide the consumers with the exact information they need at these moments. Then, strategically sliding them in for your brand story.

Furthermore, the consumers have stopped trusting the networking sites for valid information. And the same goes for the ongoing advertisement campaigns there. Resultantly, people are only willing to engage with the brand if they found their campaigns completely authentic and transparent. And in this regard, advocacy partnerships, influencers marketing and cause-marketing are proven ways.

And in recent years, the video content has provided the means to elevate the attention that brands compete to have. There has been a huge increase in the publication of video-content by the Healthcare industry that now amounts to 16% of the total content. And that’s a huge number!

Many of the known pharmaceuticals have already taken up their marketing campaigns to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Among which includes Abbott, MERCK and Novartis.

And to build up your company name, you need to be there where your customers are. And right now they are surfing the newsfeed of their social sites so that’s where you should be too.

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