Empowerment Healthcare & Patient empowerment

Empowerment Healthcare | Have you heard of patient empowerment? Patient centered healthcare? No? Well, as it’s becoming one of the most important and successful trends in the Healthcare world, you MUST be on point about it!

This is why The Future of Health.care team is going to wear its superhero cape to save you and make you a pro of patient empowerment.

Empowerment Healthcare

This last term is used to describe the value of having patients gaining control over their health and healthcare. Patients make their own decisions and actions affecting their health. This process comes with the sky-rocketing increase of the kind of technology that facilitates patient access to information via the Internet, mouth to mouth or mobile applications.

But how can patient empower their selves?

Well, they actually need to find information at the right time and delivered in the right way. Giving the patient the right information means to increase his ability to take an active role in decision-making. How to make this possible? Of course, giving information to patients means that pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals need to be open, transparent and respectful in their way to interact with them. This is the key of the whole process!

As you understood by now, the whole point of patient centered healthcare is relationship. It’s all about building a stable and truthful relationship! It’s basically a “healthy” relationship! 😉

This is the reason why nowadays, pharmaceutical companies need to bind with the patients thanks to brand awareness campaigns, in which they can spread their values and beliefs, but also communicational campaigns, in which they can sensitize about a defined disease, the therapies that exist and the solution that they provide.

To bind with your patients, companies have to include them as much as possible in their own strategy and positioning. For example, Ipsen has some online patients’ stories that are testimonials of people living with a condition.

To be able to build this link with patients over the time companies can get in touch with online patient communities.  A lot of communities are growing where patients, but also close parents of the patients can express their selves, help each other and…empower!

Here are for you some examples of these kind of communities:

As you can notice, there are a lot of patient communities in the USA. Maybe it would be an excellent opportunity to build a community with your company and your patients?  It’s your time to shine!

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