Case-study marketing | Changing the Face of Malaysian Make-up

The Future of Healthcare team found this case-study very interesting because it’s a great example on how to target millennials: by tailoring-shape the brand and adapt it to them. This example can be useful when re-launching or developing a pharmaceutical company in a new country.

Malaysian make-up case-study | Launching a brand is not merely built upon innovation but requires a solid foundation of an effective branding strategy to hit right on the customers’ needs. And this goes the same for both; developing a new name or repositioning the existing one. Well, that’s exactly how Lion & Lion played its vital role in assisting Rimmel, the UK based cosmetic brand, to make a successful re-launch in Malaysia.

This Asian based digital marketing agency, Lion & Lion, has the history of making an impact in the market through a data-driven and strategically led approach to digital marketing. However, repositioning of Rimmel in Malaysia was a challenge considering the already existing giant and micro make-up brands in the market. But through Talkwalker, they were able to craft consumer insight to precisely target the audience based on their needs along with a thorough study of competing brands.

But how did L&L carried out the digital marketing strategy for Rimmel’s Malaysian make-up re-launch?

In a beauty brands studded market, the Lion & Lion screened the useful data crafted by Talkwalker dashboards to know about the existing trends in the make-up market by listing makeup and beauty keywords. And to forecast the emerging trend, they listened to consumers’ conversations that provided them an insight to know which products they need to focus on for the coming years. Moreover, they also pinpointed the micro and macro level influencers to understand their potential impact.

But the key point was to know their competitors’ branding techniques and their position in the market. Along with, following the detailed feedback from customers and identifying loopholes through which Rimmel can make an exquisite market.

Furthermore, they targeted specifically young Malaysian women through social listening and came up with the conclusion that foundation and mascaras were two major points of consideration in this culture based on the collected data. Also, they were more concerned about the authenticity and cause of the brand and relied more on their peers’ reviews rather than the famous celebrities.


Correspondingly, Lion & Lion started a campaign partnered with four known but distinct influencers to make the Malaysian girls more confident and bold in their own skin through make-up. And as a result of this consumer and data-driven insights, Rimmel came out to be a huge success in Malaysia. Even much more than their own expectations!

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