Multichannel Healthcare case: Mylan France with its multichannel strategy

Today, the Future of Pharma team is going to share with you a short example of multichannel marketing strategy that Mylan France developed.

Multichannel Healthcare | The campaign is developed around BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), a noncancerous increase of the prostate gland. Usually, this disease appears when men reach 50 years old.

Mylan wanted to launch a communication campaign around BPH to inform the patients about the disease and the different therapies that exist.

This multichannel healthcare campaign would reach the target thanks to different tools. The strategy is both B2B (the target being doctors) and B2C (the target being the patients). The different tools are:

  • Informative tools in the healthcare professionals waiting rooms like posters and flyers
  • Informative website to understand the disease, know all the possible therapies and options that patients have to take care of the disease
  • Funny webserie inspired by the movie “The hangover” and spread online (Youtube, targeted websites)
  • Application for the patient and the doctor: easy and efficient communication between the patient and the general practitioner, possibility to put data about the daily life with the disease, calendar etc…

Here’s for you a concrete example of what a multichannel strategy can be. Now it’s your turn!


Multichannel Healthcare |The Future Of Healthcare | Healthcare trends

The Future Of Healthcare| Healthcare trends

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