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Novartis marketing revolution I Eye for Pharma digital started on a very positive keynote from Bertrand Bodson, Chief Digital Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Novartis; that described Novartis plans for digital transformation.

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He expressed how fortunate the company was to have the capability to positively impact public health. By coming together, Novartis can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges happening right now in the world. Fundamental changes are happening in real time digitally and with over 60 plus plans across the world, moves are being made to ensure the use of all the data being generated. Regardless of closed borders and the current state of things, Novartis still focuses on dispatching the right tracks at the right time: Novartis’s teams are stepping up; making the best of telemedicine, making the best of home nursing when patients are not able to reach the doctors or the hospitals anymore. Bodson thanked the regulators as well for average fluidity and adjustment that has been in system to overcome some of the usual boundaries that had to be made.

The subject of new business models were another key note in his address. He expressed how the emerging world has been turned upside now. 3000 Novartis reps who used to be on board are now working from home.  As they’re being equipped to work very differently, there is also need to focus on what else can be done to pull more than push back. The answer to this, Bodson revealed, lies in figuring out what is most useful to those patients out there, to doctors out there at this time. This is why new models have been developed faster than ever, thereby fundamentally increasing the ability to do sciences.

Novartis key areas

He went further to discuss Digital and its place among Novartis top five priorities companywide. According to Bodson, It is something that belongs to the overall executive committees. Objectives are being shared on it with completely backing by the board to show how core it is.

To round up, he disclosed the four key areas of focus within Novartis. The first one key goal of this is to scale Digital. The second is about making Novartis digital at every single touch points, and it starts with demystifying what digital data science and digital technology is really all about. Third is how Novartis can become number one in the tech ecosystem. The final focus area is body moves; what body moves that can be done to prepare for the new swiftly approaching business models.

Bodson finally finished the overview of Novartis marketing revolution by expressing the necessity for everyone to put in work to make this focus points reality.  He disclosed that even more than any of us, more than Novartis, more than individual, this has become a matter of absolute priority to really come together to break the boundaries.  

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