Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud computing is an innovative system that aids the delivery of digital services over the internet. It allows its user access to servers, database, infrastructure, storage and many more services at a reduced cost and a faster and convenient way.

In the 21st century, cloud computing is one of the most brilliant and efficient inventions and a lot of industries are taking advantage of it. Healthcare however leads the way in the adoption of cloud computing which is quite surprising for an industry that lags in technological adoption. Research shows that more than 35% of healthcare organizations hold more than 50 per cent of information and infrastructure in the cloud, and the global market for cloud technology in healthcare has a growth expectation of $25 billion by 2023. The pandemic has also helped to boost the adoption of cloud computing by the healthcare industry which is also good as the advantages of cloud computing are wide, and a lot of patients could benefit from this.

There are so many benefits to cloud adoption in healthcare and these are some of the reasons why the trend continues to grow.

  • It Offers Security

One of the major benefits of the cloud is the security it provides. A lot of concerns have been raised over the years as to the safety of leaving patient’s data and information on a third-party server, and also adhering to privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA. But storing information in the cloud also helps to protect these data and information from being lost. Data stored in hospitals and their servers could easily be lost in the case of a system failure or breach information, but storing this information in the cloud increases the level of security and protects these data from those losses while also serving as a backup.

  • Provides Service at Reduced Cost

Cloud computing also allows healthcare companies to cut cost drastically. The cloud provides a platform that allows hospitals and healthcare centres to store patient data and information online and also access them easily. This service saves the companies cost because they no longer have to purchase really expensive hardware, software, servers and hire personnel to maintain these infrastructures.

In cloud storage, you only pay for the resources you use thereby allowing you to save money.

  • It Allows Patients to Own their Data

An advantage of cloud computing is that it gives patients and healthcare consumers control and power over their own information. Patients have been granted access to the cloud in order to access their own information. This helps to improve trust and allows for easy personalization of healthcare.


There are a lot of benefits to using cloud computing as highlighted above. It is, in fact, the next step to data storage. Despite the efficiency of this system, there are also other concerns as regards to the security of the data and times where the system might be down and it needs to be accessed. However, with the increase in technological advancement, cloud computing can only get better.

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