Sanofi and Regeneron collaboration to assess Kevzara to treat Covid-19

              Sanofi and Regeneron I The struggling race to finding an efficient cure and vaccine to the COVID-19 is fierce and has got a lot of pharma companies to initiate strategic partnerships to strengthen their efforts in defeating this virus and finding a cure. Some are more focused on finding the effectiveness of existing drugs that could help deal with the severe symptoms of COVID-19 like china recently approved Actemra, a rheumatoid arthritis drug to be used for helping patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19. Seeing this course of action, a lot of other drug companies have directed their efforts in repurposing their existing drugs for treating symptoms of the coronavirus. Among them are the two world-class companies, Sanofi biotechnical pharma, and Regeneron pharmaceuticals to assess their already established Arthritis Drug, KEVZARA’s effectiveness to treat coronavirus Symptoms.

               Both the companies have a reputable professional status in the pharma industry. Sanofi Pharmaceutical is a multinational company based in France while Regeneron is a US-based Biotechnical pharmaceutical company that has successfully found the EBOLA cure in the past. It is presently working on the development of monoclonal antibodies to help fight the severe symptoms of Corona Virus partnering with the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  The company will lead the clinical trials in the U.S to repurpose FDA-approved Arthritis drug KEVZARA for its effectiveness with the COVID-19 severe symptoms like lung and respiratory system dysfunctions.

               One might wonder how an FDA-approved arthritis drug could help withCOVID-19 symptoms? Well the answer lies in the body’s reaction to COVID-19 and use of monoclonal bodies(proteins that fight infection) to fight it. Coronavirus Attacks the immune system and elicit the body’s reaction to the virus that is severe damage to the respiratory system and lungs. Since Kevzara is an infection-fighting protein of monoclonal antibodies, it can be used to strengthen the immune system’s severe responses to the COVID-19. However, it will not be able to treat the virus but it would help treat the symptoms of the virus to a great extent. 

At the moment Treatment of COVID-19 is as important as developing a vaccine for the virus. According to the Johns Hopkins University, till 18th march the novel coronavirus had caused more than 198000 infections and 7954 deaths, Moreover, WHO has provided the estimation for COVID-19 vaccine development as late as mid-2021. Amidst this Scientific vaccine discovery period the drugs that could help treat the symptoms, like KEVZARA, can be effectively used to fight this disease (or its symptoms, at least!) until the pharma industry comes up with a vaccine or a cure. 

               Both companies have developed a plan to test several antibodies by observing the Immunol activity in mice and testing their ability to fight the disease. The ones that are successful in blocking the virus would be scaled up by the company to cost-effectively make a large number of prophylactic doses by August to help treat the Virus while the vaccine is I the pipelines. This puts the Health care professionals in the hopeful condition of having a treatment drug for this crisis.

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