Takeda Pharmaceutical is developing Coronavirus Drug

Takeda Pharmaceutical I Amid the COVID-19 apocalypse when the whole world is quarantined in the distress and gloom, some unsung heroes are battling this deadly virus in hospitals and laboratories. Talking about the valor acts, it would be an injustice to neglect Takeda efforts that are working days and nights restlessly to develop a drug to counter Coronavirus. 

Takeda is an established name in the pharma industry with patient-centric philosophy who aims to strive for a healthier world through life-changing treatments under an active R&D. The history of this industry dates back to 230 years originating from Japan that is now widespread to 80 countries delivering innovative medicines and transformative care for people globally. And since the novel Corona Virus broke out with a fatality figure of 3,000+ in just a few months, they have been doing a lot of research for the antidote and will soon share the details of their plan with US Congress about the program- TAK888.

What’s Takeda Pharmaceutical approach on developing the Corona Virus Drug?

These Japanese drug makers have revealed that they are going to use Plasma-derived Therapy to find the cure for this novel COVID-19. Yes, the very same therapy that has been proven a tremendous success for high risking respiratory diseases that include; SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and Ebola.   

Furthermore, they are also running a check on the already released drugs to see if they might be any help for the infected people. 

While for PD Therapy, they will collect blood samples of the successfully recovered patients of SARS-CoV-2 as they are predicted to have developed antibodies for this virus family. And then, the therapies on these samples will help the other patients fighting this disease. 

However, owing to the limitations of the small amount of “donors” they won’t have enough samples to treat millions. But the adopted therapy will definitely help at least thousands. Moreover, the process might take a year and that too with the factor that 1000 donations are needed for a yearlong supply of a single patient. 

But there is still the chance that it would decrease the fatality rate and that helped the Takeda stock that went 5% up this Wednesday. 

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