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Technology for doctors | Doesn’t it frustrate you when you see your physician still relying on the old-fashioned ways when the whole world is shifted online?

Writing the prescriptions on his/her signed pads to make it fraud-prone in the days when the technology has moved way ahead of these glorified stamps and papered information.  And that’s exactly what the scientist thought when they came up with the idea of Electronic Prescriptions. Or what you might have heard as E-prescription.

Electronic Prescription, as the name suggests, is the alternative of paper prescriptions that allows physicians to write the prescriptions into an electronic device- be it a smartphone, laptop or computer. Along their electronic signature that is then sent to the pharmacy through the network-enabled software.

But how is this E-prescription beneficial?

Visiting a physician is wearing. Especially when you have to drag your disease-struck body through the long queues at every counter. Not to mention, the prescription record that you must keep closer to your heart. But E-prescription liberates you from both of these struggles. There won’t be any hassle of paper when your entire disease history as well as the prescribed medicine will be stored electronically by the doctor after a detailed diagnosis. Then the hospital staff will securely transfer the prescription to your preferred pharmacy, the one on your way to home or maybe the one you trust the most. And the pharmacy guys will get your medicine ready prior to your arrival.

Not to mention, there has been reported a significant decrease in prescribing errors because of this streamlined process. That furthermore, elevates the healthcare standard by minimizing the chance of drug interactions. And guarantees one additional perk to patients, who can now request for prescription refills by just a click of a button.

And to give their customers the taste of this commodious service, the pharmaceutical companies have already adapted this change. Particularly, DrChrono is in huge demand with its iPhone and iPad compatible Electronic Health Record (HER).

To adapt to this change, marketing teams have to work on gaining awareness with an e-prescribing provider in a way that the program keeps their drug “top of mind” and in the provider’s list of favorites. To give you a precise example, this can be done with a message that promotes a precise drug could be delivered on the healthcare professional’s screen when the provider is searching for a certain type of information that is linked with the drug.

Technology for doctors

With this new rising trend in the health market, maybe you could think of providing this service in the hospitals and pharmacies in your nearby areas. It’s worth a try, we guess!

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