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My Healthcare I Dylan O’Leary works with virtual reality in a startup company called My Healthcare. My Healthcare is a company that provides the filming and the content for virtual reality videos that can be used for pharmaceutical companies on health care in general. According to O’Leary, their long-term goal is to introduce A.I. into virtual reality. The company has partnered with Maltivision, a world leader in virtual reality and other huge corporations such as Novartis.

Regarding future opportunities in the health industry, O’Leary believes the main areas of growth will be artificial intelligence and virtual reality. These will be the opportunities as well as the future of that area, which is very likely to be augmented reality. These future developments will also provide an opportunity for the NHS. The pharmaceutical companies and the captains would come together to integrate in a better way and to be able to weather storms such as Covid-19 more effectively. 

He further expressed that COVID-19 could be really beneficial in the long run to the health industry, because it is making people realize what the possibilities are with regards to crisis management. His opinion is that it will enlighten people on what’s been on the back burner for about 20 years. Issues such as the lack of effort put into improving systems, integrating innovations and generally not spending money in the right areas.

On the future of My Healthcare, O’Leary stated that there is a strong desire to really engage with pharmaceutical companies. He said “We really want to work with them on a larger basis. At the moment, I’m maybe working with the NHS, and I haven’t really hunkered down on the pharmaceutical side of it”. This collaboration is something O’Leary has always wanted to do because of his belief in the high potential for uptake of innovation.

 According to him, My Healthcare wants to transform the way medicine is done; and then that could have effects on the NHS even more so. The future lies mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. The NHS is very stringent about rules regarding new uptake of technology and its procurement. There is usually a waiting period of two years for them to create a new category, which will definitely affect any company’s ability to seal the deal on their procurement plans

 However, My Healthcare is working hard at its procurement plans and there is every likelihood the pharmaceutical industry would already be behind it.

Regarding how small companies can get through this situation and what will be the good strategy to adopt to overcome the upcoming crisis. O’Leary suggested integrating personal and company beliefs towards surviving the present pandemic. Adapting to the developing trends and contracting the right people will be key to effectively managing COVID-19.

He summed up his advice thus, “As a small company, I think adopting the way you do things is absolutely key. I’ve been in this crisis. So, in the healthcare industry, you’ve got to really focus on the things that are urgent right now.”

Dylan O’Leary, founder of My Healthcare

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