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With a background in health insurance and administration, Olga Chumakova has been involved in several projects in the fields of health insurance administration and assistance, and now works for a company called BeSure Healthcare in the Netherlands. This company is developing and implementing products and software to monitor patients at home and to help with risks such as stroke. This monitoring is done with an AI program to help doctors gather reliable information about the health of their patients and better predict problems, allowing them to form solutions and better help their patients.

The main focus being on those at risk of stroke, most often those who have had strokes. Due to the increased ratio of these patients who end up on long term disability and the lifelong effects of a stroke, the system offers a way to monitor their recovery and to help to predict setbacks and concerns. While the at home monitoring is different from in person checks, it can offer more data points and ongoing monitoring without a person being present all day every day. The ability to predict occurrences and to plot recovery and set back make it a valuable tool in patient treatments. It does leave more pressure on the patient to use it correctly and ensure it is maintained, however the benefits outweigh the efforts involved. This system can help to form care decisions for people who need them the most and to help move their recovery forward. 

The COVID pandemic has certainly slowed down trials and growth, as there is no way to launch a new group of studies currently. Many things have been rescheduled, but laboratory testing has been able to continue and be ongoing in some ways, so progress is not completely halted. However, the continuously remote monitoring of patients, once instigated, can provide a safe and effective way to monitor the health and recovery of COVID patients without increasing the number of people they come in contact with. 

This project is very important especially in Netherlands and Western Europe, as there are not many digital options for healthcare, and this is a need that can be filled with this system. It is hopeful to move forward with increased funding and trials next year, with a large push for funding, to get the launch back on track. Work will continue in testing to ensure the safety of this product as well as to form firm guidelines for its use.

Continuously remote monitoring and digital information on patients can help to monitor their progress and recovery in a more constant manner with an AI system. This company is continuing to move forward in research and development while new trials and projects have been temporarily halted due to the COVID pandemic. In the next year there are plans to speed funding and testing and to run further trials. There is a hope to bring this technology to not only the Netherlands and Europe but also to the world. 

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