Novartis Stance on COVID-19

Novartis stance on Covid-19 I The Post-COVID-19 world forces people to question the priorities in every field. People and businesses have to adapt to new circumstances and the (very real) possibility of it happening again in the future. This will encourage companies and businesses to devise certain protocols for these situations. As in efforts to make the supply chain network robust, stringent logistic situations, productivity and agility by Pharma companies.

Where a lot of companies are seen adopting new ways, Paul Dixie, who is the multichannel lead at Novartis in the U.K shared a few factors that help us understand how the pharmaceutical company has been adapting to the existing reality.

            Firstly, the company being evermore encored to its customer service and health care service. He mentioned that a few channels of the Development have been accelerated because of the time-related demand that is solely based on the content that is valuable and useful for the customers. By taking surveys, Novartis plans to add more value to the work by providing resources and patient support that are valued by the customers. The companies need to be agile in their provision of content, experimentation, and productivity, as it has become easier for companies to assess their market efficiently, get approvals, carry testing and learning about the problems nowadays using electronic platforms. 

Although these electronic platforms have provided us with agility in work as compared to the past in terms of approval, testing and provision, this crisis has made sure that it is not yet agile enough to face the existing challenges. It needs revision in offering true agility and timeliness in a fast-moving environment to provide healthcare professionals with what is needed to deal with the current situation. So, organizations need to take the responsibility to be effective and perceptive in their response to such situations.

            Moreover, one hurdle among the productivity is the silos within the organizations. In order to focus on customer needs and productivity, the flow of information channels within the departments should be smooth discouraging silos. This will ensure that the information that is crucial in devising solutions is not held up or manipulated in any way. As dealing with the current crisis the silos are being broken and there is a relatively higher collaboration of sales or marketing, market access, medical affairs or communications teams within the organization.

            There has been a particular focus on the collaboration of different organizations in sharing information with a lot of Virtual meetings happening between professionals and researches all over the world. It has increased the level of involvement by professionals from different organizations, companies, and fields to use joint intelligence and collectively fighting against this outbreak. This type of sharing can lead to a different world where the focus is more on catering to the needs of customers. and helping them through this time. The current professional priorities need to be ensured and encouraged by the top leadership to maintain the existing devotion that is making everything more efficient and it needs to be practiced on a regular basis for an effective system.

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