Breaking news – Johnson & Johnson close to a vaccine against Covid-19

Breaking news I Did you hear the latest news about a possible Covid-19 vaccine? The future of Pharma team is ready to share with you more details about this breaking news!

Johnson & Johnson announced the launch of a vaccine production against Covid-19 planned at the beginning of 2021 that would be used in emergency cases.

The company selected this vaccine from 12 possible candidates. After the clinical phases I and II that will start in September, if the vaccine shows safety, up-scaling will be proceeded in order to prepare several batches -millions of vaccines- by the end of the year.

Why is Johnson & Johnson optimistic about this vaccine? – Breaking news

The multinational already developed 4 vaccines including the ones for HIV, Zika and Ebola. “We already did 4 times this process from the beginning of the development of the vaccine to upscaling.”, affirms Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientific Officer at J&J, earlier at Eye for Pharma today, “this is why now, we only have to change in the vector the code for the antigen: we replace with the Covid-19 antigen, we test it very extensively in animals: we have shown that we have excellent neutralizing antibodies and are ready to kick it off.”

How was Johnson & Johnson able to do this so quickly?

For a project of this scale, it is essential to have a very sizable group of researchers. Johnson & Johnson is a partner for 10 years of Harvard medical center in Boston. The work in Boston is complementary with the work that J & J does, and that brought together more than 100 researchers in a brief time frame to test all the candidates.

J & J test upscaling in parallel to make sure that the chose candidate can be made in massive quantities in a short time. 

This vaccine won’t need to go through typical safety trials. 

The first reason is thanks to the reuse of the vaccine technology that is already injected and successful in 50 000 people (for HIV for example). Secondly, it’s a non-replicating vector, not alive virus, so it is safer for clinical trials. Thanks to these 2 characteristics, the European and American authorities supported this concept. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the safety trials will be shortcutted.

How about virus mutations? At the moment, it looks like it’s a quite stable vaccine, but this possibility of mutation or resistance is something that is taken into account very seriously. If this happens, J & J is ready to select another vector to cope with this problem.

This vaccine technology has been extensively tested and this is why Johnson & Johnson, with making the right modifications to adapt the formula to Covid-19, could produce an impressive amount of vaccine in a record time.

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