Mariela Dimitrova, medical influencer and innovation passionate

The Future of Healthcare met Mariela Dimitrova, medical influencer and innovation passionate, that explained us how the role of medical influencer is important to connect life sciences companies with patients’ needs in the development of a new therapy.

Can you introduce yourself, your career etc…

My name is Mariela Dimitrova, innovation passionate! I emigrated to Germany with one suitcase full of courage 2001. First of all I had to learn German language and then I managed to complete university degree in Germany with a focus on Pharmaceutical Sector as per § 75 AMG. Now I am multilingual Pharma Expert with many years experience in the international wholesale and foreign trade of generics APIs as well as Pharmaceutical products and founder of the HIW Healthcare Innovation World Group. HIW is a member group of healthcare experts and doctors, it can be defined as the introduction of a new concept, idea or innovative product at improving treatment and the quality of life.

What is a medical/innovation influencer?

The role of medical influencer is basically to influence positively in order to push the pharmaceutical industry to develop new products for the future of healthcare, to get a positive impulse, to communicate, to get feedback, to make innovation happen and to make it visible in our healthcare system visible.

I am passionate to positively influence other people to share ideas and to support them to make innovation visible for all in order to improve our quality of life! Together we are strong! Staying positively inspired always gives you the POWER to keep going forward with full ENERGY.


What added value can medical influencers bring to the healthcare industry?

Medical influencers can bring an important added value, in order to focus on what is really important and creatively to remember and never to forget that: we, patients, are the most important. Medical influencers can also find investors ready to invest with passion for the development and implementation of innovative medicine products.

How can medical influencers can help pharma companies to communicate with patients?

Pharmaceutical companies have no capacity to communicate with patients unfortunately.

As influencer I am connected with many other people from different industries, cultures and patients from all over the world and thanks to the social media platforms, a great knowledge transfer of different healthcare topics is possible to support the pharmaceutical companies.

What will be the role of medical influencers after the Covid-19 crisis?

Medical influencers will support the implement of healthcare product innovations. There are already some very innovative products to protect against viruses for example on the market which need to be more visible for the healthcare sector worldwide, to be well prepared in the future in every country.

Can we use medical influencers as an effective channel to communicate to doctors?

Yes. An effective communication channel for doctors can be managed only by qualified person with pharmaceutical education or experience within the pharmaceutical industry. An efficient medical influencer must have a clear vision on how and with which medical products or product innovation we can achieve a better life.

How do you see the healthcare industry in a few years?

The digitalisation and the artificial intelligence will change the world economic fundamentally, new professions in the healthcare industry will be created. We will have to visit the doctors digitally and will be greeted and supported by robots everywhere in the hospital. Our generation will have to we use the potential that we have, the knowledge to solve problems which are really serious healthcare problems since many years like to find out a cancer therapy to eradicate this illness forever. Or to replace the wheelchair with another medical product that allows the patient to get up and become a full-fledged person forever.

We never have to give up or to be satisfied with what is currently available to us. Just like a new mobile phone model on the market is getting better and better every year, this is what we really need in the medicine. Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, doctors, scientist, politicians, the pharmaceutical industry and passionate medical influencers on healthcare innovation like me, will make it happen!

Mariela Dimitrova

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