Packaging Pharmaceutics | Modern Trends in Pharma Packaging Industry

Do you know that modern-day packaging of medicines can save lives? Yes, you read it correctly. Packaging can save a life. Don’t sound believable?

Packaging Pharmaceutics | Let’s demonstrate it from an example of a newly bought phone. Would you leave it without a screen protector or back cover? Of course, you wouldn’t. In fact, it’s that specific cover that makes your cell phone to be recognizable, right?

The same theory is valid for package services in the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping your important drugs safe. Thus, keeping you safe. And the modern trends of packaging help the patient in a more engaging manner. For instance, auto-injectors and pre-filled syringes. Catchy, right? Better printing technologies for better serialization, automatic mechanized systems for manufacturing and packaging of medicines, distinguished packaging are all new and innovative modern methods in pharmaceutical packaging.

But how are these trends actually benefiting?

Let’s take a look at these trends. Every new trend is derived basically from patients as well as manufacturers’ convenience. And it’s the patients’ convenience area that saves a life. Take an example of different chambers packaging that makes multi-drug protocol easy to follow. Hence, no more time wastage in mixing the two injectable drugs. Similarly, CRP, child-resistant packaging, covers the area of making medicine harmless for children. If at all, they swallow it accidentally.

Another ongoing trend is the small packaging. As every industry is focusing on getting its product concise, small packaging is gaining popularity in pharma too. That includes 3D production and new biological made drug packaging for diversified drugs. Plus, this packaging is easily manageable and requires no separate bag for your drugs. And the most important one is the sustainable packaging that does not pollute the atmosphere. Composed of low carbon footprint with bio-degradable packaging.

The CSP technologies has made it a clear statement that patient compliance is the major goal by adopting blister packaging. Another major company, “Pharma packaging” solutions has updated its technologies with sustainable packaging as its top priority. Schreiner MediPharm is another U.S based company following the new ways in packing drugs with sustainability, environmental protection and small packaging.

And when all these big names are making these positive changes to cop-up with on-going trends. What are you waiting for? Grab the future and start following the trends making boom to your domain.

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