Active Packaging in Pharma

Active packaging I Thanks to our article on packaging trends in pharma. You already know what the near future of packaging in the pharma industry is. But here is a sneak peek to a company that provides customized packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals. That will give the audience a clearer picture of advanced active-packaging in the medicinal industry.

Aptar CSP technologies is an established name in the industry as they have been dealing with various known drug manufacturers to meet their specific requirements for a broad spectrum of dosage forms packaging for years now. They aim to shield the drugs from oxygen, water and Volatile Organic Compounds by adopting advanced desiccant technology.

But what sort of active packaging do they deal with?

Aptar CSP technologies has come up with this alluring idea of Active blister solutions that not only extend the shelf life of drugs but also enhance its productivity. The idea is mainly focused on using heat skating machines for creating blindfolds instead of adhesives that were used earlier and had the capability to react with drugs. While additionally, it can be implemented in flexible containers and is a cost-effective alternative with no compromise on premium protection.

Another innovative idea that they have formulated is the Active Polymer technology-enabled packaging for fizzy tablets. Earlier, storing effervescent tablets was considered an issue due to their demand for balanced moisture. One drop less or more and the fall in their effectiveness can be seen visually when they lose their color or gets dissolved rapidly. But say no more!  Because these specifically designed vials ensure balanced humidity with their moisture-tight containers. Furthermore, the desiccant sleeve surrounds the tablets making sure that the ingredients of the products remain intact.

We know what you must be thinking …why is this article explaining me the techniques and the R&D behind the packaging? I’m not part of the R&D! But let us tell you this. A successful pharmaceutical professional must know his product inside out. Its strengths, weaknesses and even the technology behind the product. Only then he will be able to sell them in a competitive market by advertising them in the right way.

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