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Innovation has always been a necessary tool for companies to be at the forefront of this continuously evolving market. And that’s valid for pharmaceutical companies too.

Whose sole aim is to promote their drugs in the wide spread markets of physicians and boost their sales. So, when everything is being digitalized why not this process too? No, we are talking about medical rep robots but something less nerdy yet marvelous; E-sampling.

E-sampling allows pharmaceutical companies to interact digitally with the physicians for the sales of their drug samples. The trend is gaining a lot of attention in the medicine industry as it tends to elevate productivity and helps in building a strong relationship between physicians and pharma. Isn’t this all that we aim to achieve.

But how can E-sampling increase productivity?

Drug sampling has always been the trickiest part of the sales for the pharmaceutical industry. Until now, pharma companies used to rely on the samples sent by the hands of their sales force.

But the challenges they encounter include restrictive access to new physicians and especially the ones in the remote areas. Through digitalisation, it is far easier to interact with physicians at their ease allowing them to view details of pharmaceutical products through virtual sample closet at their convenient schedule. And thanks to the E-sampling, since launching a new sample in the market is simpler with online advertisement tool.

Furthermore, it provides a cost-effective sales force with expanded reach, increased cross over potential and most importantly, it’s immensely preferred by the office-bound doctors.

A  German origin website known with the same name, E-samples, is already running successfully in the market. The main service of which includes physicians conveniently ordering online samples with two day delivery time. Plus, no hassle of searching supplier’s contact person at all.

And right now when this trend is gaining a lot of appreciation all around the pharmaceutical company, you must shift your medical rep to this digitalized network. It won’t only result in the expanded reach of your market but will also lower the cost of delivering samples.

All the more reasons to adopt this change!

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