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You might not be familiar with the term Chatbots, but you must have known the legendary Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

Chatbots Healthcare | They are all, no doubt, wonderful assistants and a superb company with their witty replies. But have you ever wondered who they are? Well as you might have guessed by now that yes they are the Chatbots. But the question remains that what exactly is a chatbot?

Chatbot is an AI-based software application that assists humans by simulating a conversation through texts or voice commands. Being the most promising technique of human-machine interaction, chatbots have become immensely popular in recent years.

Their engaging customer care and operational efficiency are making the investors wonder about its capabilities in various departments. And healthcare is no exception as well.

But how can a chatbot assist healthcare?

These conversational agents are although less adopted but possess higher possibilities of growth in the health department. Their intelligent ability as a customer care service provider is taken one step further by assigning them the role of a hospital administrator. Lining up doctors’ schedules, sending out appointment reminders, calling out names at receptions and asking for feedback is just a small glimpse of what comes in the package.

Likewise, Chatbots complement the patient-centric attitude of healthcare companies with its alluring concept of Health consultant. With so many certified Google doctors, it’s difficult to find a credible source to looks for the ‘indications’ pinching you. But say no more! Because there are many chatbots in markets designed for a certain issue based on authentic logical questionnaires. Consequently, there has been seen a major decrease in the patients’ visits to clinics for minor queries. Well, who needs a routine check-up when you can have one on your mobile app.

We have seen some back-to-back launch of such healthcare apps that assist the consumers in gauging their health. Among them includes Woeboat; an app recently launched by a clinical psychologist whose sole purpose is to interact with depression patients. The idea behind the concept was inspired by the reluctance associated with seeing a therapist. The app suggests remedies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy after carefully analyzing the patient’s personality.

Chatbots in pharma marketing

Of course, you are thinking: why aren’t we talking about pharma? Well, slow down, I’m coming to it! Chatbots in pharma marketing can be used for customer service, internal communication but also for sales representatives training.

To give you a precise example, KeBot is an application developed by TechieHealth in collaboration with Roche Pharma for training and self-assessment for sales representatives. Thanks to this app, a direct dialogue can be established between salesforce and headquarters. The collected results can be analysed to improve the app but also the salesforce training method. This tool became essential for the company to have a better approach with customers during the visit but also for the preparation that precedes it.

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