Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry

Technology has accomplished dreams that once we were too afraid to think of. From controlling the baby monitor off your office to the development of driverless cars and even jets, we have come way too far.

But wait? Aren’t these two the same things? Yes. Well, in a sense they are. With the only difference of scale on which they are being implemented. All thanks to the IoT.

Internet of Things, or you may call IoT, is the network of physical things with a small enabled chip that are widely scattered around us and whose purse strings are being held by wireless communication. Allowing these devices to communicate and act as a gateway for automation.

After creating a massive effect on the worldwide industries, this very same IoT has now sunk its teeth into the pharmaceutical industry. This truly innovative technology is helping the industry to administer quality control and efficient production as well as the marketing discipline.

But how have they linked IoT with healthcare?

In the production of a disease-curing drug, the threat of ‘what if’ always keeps hanging on the door. But after planting these hyper-sensitive sensors, ensuring the immaculate production from the control room is not an issue anymore. Furthermore, its ability to monitor the distant patient and model the effect of a certain medication has in fact catapulted the humans in the fourth industrial revolution.

Digital marketing

Also, the way it has redesigned the entire digital marketing is truly amazing. The smart technology has allowed the brands to interact with the consumer to build a strong interactive relationship. They are already there to unlock their lifestyle information taking out the beneficial statistics for enhancing the market research. Moreover, it has uncovered the new horizons for the partnerships entirely on the consumers’ interests and demands. Otherwise, who would have come up with the idea of smart beer bottles, right?

The IoT has given rise to so many alluring concepts including the smart homes which allow users to warm up the bedroom before their arrival and ensure safety by watching the live stream of the connected security cameras on their office laptop.

Healthcare app

And the invention of a new healthcare app; Smart Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) which monitors the glucose level at regular intervals of an elderly parent and transmits the readings to his son/daughter working on the distant site. Making your worry one less.

Also, the new partnership of Uber-Spotify has been taken up by the storm. The ‘talk’ of these two apps gives the consumers a pleasant Uber ride experience by instantly playing your music through the car speakers once you start your ride.

As you can see the IoT has left no stone unturned in taking over the world in every discipline, so maybe now is the right time for you to come up with an enticing idea to bring an everlasting change. All you need to do is try.

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