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Email marketing for Pharma I Pharma companies models have transformed at a much faster pace under this uniquely restraining condition of Novel Coronavirus. Marketing strategies are being redefined and the rising attention for digitalisation has compelled the marketers to assess the utility of emails and the way to make them more productive for marketing pharmaceutical products. However, there are certain elements to make emails effective and response-generating to healthcare professionals.

Firstly, let’s discuss the utility. Existing trends have proven through studies that the doctors are preferring emails to be more effective forms of communication these days. The reason to incorporate emails in the marketing strategy of a company is that this communication channel provide medical education, patient education materials, and educational events that are sponsored by Pharma companies. It also allows the physicians to read the content on their schedule than to be pushed on by the representative. Moreover, another reason might be that the personalized information targeted towards a health care professional is likely to increase the response rate and involvement which makes the email a useful resource.

                Now that we are clear about its importance, let’s discuss how it can be made more effective and productive for the marketing strategy of your company. A lot of Pharma companies are already using the email reach in their marketing strategy. The problems like data protection regulation might require consent and hence could be a hindrance in targeting the right audience.

There are a few things that you should consider while writing the email. Firstly, the emails should not end up in the spam of the email. So, use a reliable service provider for the email and avoiding spam content. Secondly, timing is also very important. The emails should be sent either at the start or the end of the shift when doctors have spare time to look at it and read the contents. Further, it should be timed with a representative meeting or call. The mobile-friendly emails also present enhanced accessibility to the Doctors given their busy schedules. 

The other thing to focus on is the content and the subject line of the email. The subject line of the email should be short and to the point. Besides the subject line, the email sent should also be read by the doctors. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of the doctors, you must concise your content in the easiest, concise and smoothest way possible as the physicians are only able to keep up with a certain number of brands. This can be done by customising your emails to as much extent as possible using groups like all doctors from the same fields getting a similar mail. Here is where the automation process could do a great deal.

Emails are in sort, the best way to detect the marketing return options and send more targeted and relevant content. Using the previously approved templates and the content modules, you can use certain apps or website for the email like Veeva vault, Nintex and many others to make your email more engaging for the doctors. The aim should be to deliver quality stuff in less time using emails to incorporate into the existing marketing strategy.

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