Healthcare blogs you should follow to always be updated on healthcare news and innovations

1. Healthcare Dive

Its goal is to keep healthcare professionals, who are very busy in their everyday life, updated with the most recent news on the healthcare industry. Healthcare Dive provides a different range of topics, such as Health IT, Telehealth, Government decisions on key health policies, health finance, medical groups and COVID-19 latest updates. The Healthcare Dive provides you also with the opportunity to subscribe to free newsletter to keep you informed with the latest news, trends and analysis. 

2. Modern’s Healthcare’s Vital Signs blog

Modern Healthcare offers a wide choice of information related to healthcare business, digital health, health databases and policy news. It also offers an updated lists of health-related events such as conferences, webinars, galas and virtual briefings through which you will be able to create your professional network. 

3. Medgadget

Medgadget is active since 2004 and provides the reader with medical technology news from around the world. It divides the latest news per category, in order to make it easier to look for the latest news in a specific field such as cardiology, surgery, radiology, genetics, informatics and many more. In addition, it reports the newest medical devices approvals, exclusive interviews with med tech leaders and summaries of health conferences. 

4. KevinMD

Founded in 2004 it is the current leader in health web platforms throughout which physicians, nurses, policy makers, healthcare students and healthcare professionals have the possibility to share their latest experiences and insights about their everyday job. The healthcare professional experiences cover a wide range of topics such as policy, finance, technology, patient-centred care, medications and education. 

5. Public Health Matters blog, from the CDC

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) use this blog to share with readers the continuous evolution of Public Health and its importance in nowadays healthcare system. It provides articles, posted twice a month, related to public health matters such as health promotion and prevention, food safety, infection control, health policies and many more. 

6. Healthcare Success

The Healthcare Success blog gives a constant update on the most relevant healthcare’s marketing topics. In their blog, through articles they explain the reasons behind the need to incorporate healthcare with advertising, benefits of social media, patient engagement, adequate use of Google and several guides on how to be successful within your healthcare organisation. 

7. The Staff Care Insider

The Staff Care Insider blog is focused on trends that shape all the points of view of healthcare staffing. It offers information on healthcare job shortages, methods to overcome and prevent shortages due to mental health related problems and lists on the best job opportunities per different healthcare categories. 

8. The RAND Blog

The RAND is a research organization that finds solutions to public policy problems with the goal of making communities around the world safer, healthier and prosperous. Through its blog, it provides discussion on the most current topics related to healthcare organization and administration and promote collaboration between healthcare providers to ensure health benefits and improvements. 

9. Fierce Healthcare

Fierce Healthcare is a very active blog, that posts around 30 articles per week and it’s the leading source of healthcare management news for the healthcare industry. Its articles are dedicated to healthcare policy, breaking news, health finance and interviews with important professional from different healthcare fields. 

10. NAMI Blog 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is an organization that focusses on mental health support and resources. Within its blog articles they try to educate those living with mental health problems, to live their live at fullest. In addition, they analyse the current events, such as COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact on individual’s mental health and how to prevent illnesses. 

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